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Central Alliance

Managing Our Resources and Valuing our Staff

Building an open and honest alliance with our neighbouring District Health Boards has been a priority for MidCentral Health.

Working together means we can mange our resources, provide better services and stay within our allocated budget. Whether our budget is big enough to serve our communities is another matter and one we as a Board cannot address. Our money and therefore our direction comes from central government.

Whanaganui District Health Board has been working alongside us as we both try to collectively and separately provide the best possible service within budget. The Minister is intolerant of any DHB failing to meet his expectations to stay within budget.

The Central Alliance aims to not only meet the minister’s expectations but to also meet the expectations and needs of our people.

Focusing on the services needed for the front line

To date we have focused on what is called ‘back room’ functions. They are all the services needed for the front line (nurses and doctors) to care for their patients.

We have agreed shared services for clinical services, support, funding and planning and governance. Within these broad categories some milestones are combined hotel services (meals, cleaning etc), facilities management, shared human resources, shared midwifery advisor and joint policies.

Significant progress

There has been significant progress in a number of programmes without any interruption to the provision of services in the hospitals.

We have now in place:
• a joint clinical director for women’s health
• a joint appointment for a director of allied health
• collaboration for women’s health – a single service across two sites
• collaboration for children’s health service
• enhanced shared cancer services
• renal, ENT, ophthalmology, neurology ulitising shared resources
• agreement to shared medical credentialing with shared clinical policies, governance and information

All of this work is being done with the active cooperation of the medical and nursing teams.

A giant collaborative effort to improve and enhance our services to the communities of Whanganui area and the Palmerston North area with destroying individual autonomy and the ability to provide better, sooner and more available health services.